May 4, 2021

Dear bowlers 

Good news. Looks like we will be reopening this Friday May 7th


March 9, 2021

Dear bowlers 

Good news we will be open Friday March 12th.  Back to normal hours look forward to seeing everybody, let’s get things rolling again. 


February 25, 2021

Dear bowlers, 

Just trying to keep you up to date on this unbelievable situation we find ourselves in.  Several Oregon counties have reopened unfortunately our county is not one. In looking at the case numbers we are decreasing in our average case per day and hopefully we will be able to reopen March 11th.  The bowl is ok financially and Terry, our awesome mechanic, is making sure that the machines are all working. We look forward to seeing you all soon.


Kevin and Kyle


January 7, 2021

Hello bowlers, 

We certainly apologize for being closed for such a long period of time. At this time there are only four states that bowling centers are closed in. Those four states would be Oregon, California, Washington, and New York.  In Oregon there are six counties that have been lowered to high restrictions and can open their doors with limited capacity. We still fall under the extreme risk restrictions and are unable to open. We hope to be open soon and get us all back to bowling. In the meantime, stay safe and stay positive.

Thank you,

Kevin and Kyle


December 29, 2020

Our Governor Kate Brown to hold a press conference Thursday concerning COVID-19, maybe we can open soon. 

December 2020

Our Governor Kate Brown has said that we are in the extreme category and is keeping us shut down until the 31st. We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. Stay safe and we can’t wait to see everyone when this is over.

November 2020

An update from us on COVID-19

Due to Governor Brown’s orders, Caveman Bowl will be shutting down for two weeks as of November 18th thru December 2nd. Please check back for updates as we will continue to monitor the situation. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Kevin Croucher
Kyle McKay


August 2020

Caveman Bowl Inc.
1230 Rogue River Hwy
Grants Pass Oregon 97527
While we understand that these are much more than difficult times we still want you all to feel comfortable at the bowling center. The health and well-being of our customers and employees is our top priority. With that in mind, we are cleaning and sanitizing the center every day with great care. The Covid-19 is with us for a longer period than we would all like. In Josephine County we have been and are continuing to be incredibly lucky. When comparing our county to others, we have very few cases.
During this last month we have been open, and we have two leagues going along with our senior no-tap. All the people are doing their best to make sure the others are safe. They understand that the people they bowl with are friends. As you are aware, the governor is requesting that everyone wear a mask if they cannot maintain 6 ft. of distance between them indoors and out. As a league bowler you are aware that we give a lane courtesy every time we are bowling. That distance is more than 6ft. So while you are throwing the ball on the lanes you would not need to have your mask on. 
When you are up on the concourse, we would ask you to wear your mask if you cannot maintain 6 ft. of distance.  When you are in the act of bowling you will not need to wear the mask. All the employees will be wearing a mask unless they have a medical condition that will not allow them to wear a mask. Those employees will be maintaining 6ft of distance from the customers as much as possible.  
I have included a list of all the league meeting times and start dates. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.
Kevin Croucher                                                                  Kyle McKay
Owner                                                                                   GM

Notice: June 2020

Caveman Bowl Inc.

We are happy to announce that we are open for business as of June 12, 2020. Please Call for Hours of Operation. 


Notice: April 2020

 Caveman Bowl Inc.

I have seen several hard times throughout my career.  I have never seen anything like this nor probably has anyone else. For those of you who do not know my background, it has been mainly in finance and business operations. I am looking at our current situation and the bowling center must deal with several obstacles; first and foremost, our customers and their safety. In looking at this horrific situation, it is sad at best. 

We have some options regarding our winter leagues. I have listed a couple of different ways each league can approach the end of their league since at this time we have no confirmed date that all bowling centers can open.

  • All leagues can vote to end the league and distribute their prize money appropriately.  
  • Please contact your league President or Secretary if you have any questions on how the distribution of all funds will be handled. This decision must be within the guidelines of the USBC.
  • If the bowling centers in Oregon can reopen by June 1, 2020, winter leagues would have an option to bowl four weeks though June and then end the winter league at that time. 

I have owned and operated three companies, so be assured that the bowl will reopen and we will get back to this wonderful sport.

Kevin Croucher 


APRIL 2020

 United States Bowling Congress

This is a special combined edition of the Rules Extra and Tournament Flyer to discuss leagues and tournaments amid concerns about COVID-19.

League Play

USBC considers the coronavirus as an emergency situation and, therefore, the unanimous consent of all team captains (Rule 122) requirement for leagues to change the schedule does not apply. The decision to change the schedule may be made by a majority of the votes cast by the league board of directors (officers and team captains).


The league, before a decision is made regarding the league schedule, must come to an agreement with bowling center management concerning the league contract. Verbal or written, the league has a contract. Whether the center is closed by choice or because of governmental restrictions, league officers should contact the center before any league decision regarding a change in schedule is made.


The league needs to know if the center is going to charge lineage fees for the balance of the contract. Once the league has an agreement with the center, the league board of directors (officers and team captains) has a couple of options to consider. The decisions may be made via email, text, or phone or conference call during this difficult time.


1. Postpone the schedule and complete the league at a later date.


Some bowlers may choose to withdraw; USBC will not hold bowlers accountable for the fees required in Rule 114a. Any prepaid fees must be returned fully to a withdrawing bowler and should be done immediately. The bowler(s) also is entitled to a pro-rated share of the prize fund based on the number of weeks paid.


2. Cancel the league schedule.


All prepaid fees must be returned to the rightful bowlers. The standings are final as of the date the league decides to cancel. If the center charges lineage for the balance of the contract, it is deducted from the league prize fund. The league board of directors must also decide how the prize list will be adjusted. Click How to adjust a prize list for information on how to do so.


For split season leagues, because of the inability to hold a playoff, the league board may declare co-champions and divide any additional playoff money equally among teams in the playoff.

Tournament Flyer

Tournaments also face the decision to postpone or cancel operations. USBC rules allow tournament management to make decisions regarding tournament operations. A tournament could continue operations if possible, postpone the tournament or squads or end the tournament as of the last date of competition.


1. Postpone the schedule and complete the tournament at a later date.


Although Rule 314 does not allow refunds, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic USBC is allowing tournament management to issue refunds or credit for a future tournament to any entrant(s) who choose to withdraw from the tournament. The same also would apply to bowlers who did not bowl in the tournament.


When a tournament postpones squads, and entries close prior to last squad and the tournament allows walk-ins, USBC will permit tournament management to allow walk-ins during the rescheduled squads. However, no additional squad times can be added when squads are rescheduled.


2. Cancel the schedule.


Tournaments may choose to cancel the remaining squads without penalty. The tournament is paid based on the standings as of the last date of competition and the number of bowlers that bowled. All other entries are refunded or credited to another tournament.


Tournaments that guarantee prizes may base the guarantees on the entries. Comprehensive tournaments that reschedule events after Aug. 1, 2020 must certify these events as a 2021 tournament.


For additional information, click FAQ to assist leagues, tournaments and state and local associations.


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